The Art of Cooking

From Forge to Table


Why Carbon Steel? 

Carbon steel skillets are well known and loved by professional chefs and are hugely popular in European kitchens. More and more home cooks around the world are discovering that a carbon steel skillet can do it all: bake, broil, sear, stir-fry and handle delicate foods like eggs or fish without sticking. 

Our carbon steel skillets are lighter and more responsive to changes in heat than cast iron, more versatile than non-stick and have no chemical coatings. Northwest Skillet pans are hand-spun by Peter Clark which results in a tightly grained, naturally non-stick surface that gets better and better with use. To learn more about the use and care of carbon steel please visit our Skillet Care page.

The ring of the anvil beats to a steady cadence. Feel the heat of the fire, the weight of the hammer. Step into the blacksmith's shop at Homestead Springs Farm to be transported to a simpler time when all the tools and other necessaries of life were made by hand.

How the Skillets are Made

Steel, copper, bronze, wrought iron. These are a few of the materials that Peter Clark works by hand into skillet creations for your home. Peter brings over 30 years of experience in fine craft to his blacksmithing work.

One of a kind skillet handles are forged through fire, hammer and anvil to be pleasing to the eye and the hand. Each carbon steel skillet pan is made by hand on a metal spinning lathe using techniques invented by the ancient Egyptians. In the true artisanal tradition, Peter works each piece individually with care and commitment to artistry and function. A true work of art from his heart to yours. 

As a life long maker Peter Clark came to smithing by desire and a bit of chance. It was only 10 years later that he realized it is also in his blood. Imagine the surprise and deep connection Peter experienced when he realized his ancestry traces back to John Shields, blacksmith for Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery. Shields was indispensible to the expedition. In the words of Merriwether Lewis (1805) “we have been much indebted to the ingenuity of this man on many occasions.”

Today, in the Grande Ronde Valley of Northeast Oregon, along the historic Oregon Trail, Peter proudly continues the tradition of blacksmithing with a quality and grace that honors those who have come before. Each piece of hand forged cookware is lovingly designed and built to be a family heirloom for generations to come. Here at Northwest Skillet we connect the past to the present and humbly offer our traditions to you.


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